Menstrual problems? Cinnamon can help you out
16 Jun

Menstrual problems? Cinnamon can help you out

Many women suffer from irregular menstrual cycles accompanied by heightened irritations in the body. Therefore, most women are inclined to take painkillers or even take days off work or school to stay in bed and suffer through the worst of it. But did you know that there are natural remedies which can reduce the negative effects of menstruation? Cinnamon is one of these remedies. In this blog we’ll explain how cinnamon helps regulate menstruation and alleviate cramps.

The hormones regulating menstruation

Progesterone is a hormone which stimulates important functions in the female body. This hormone is produced in the ovaries and helps the body regulate her menstrual cycle. Progesterone is very important to make menstrual cramps more tolerable. There are, however, women who have a lower progesterone production than others. These people are more inclined to suffer from irregular menstruation cycles, painful cramps, mood swings, a bloated feeling or even intermediate bleeding.

What effect does cinnamon have?

Cinnamon has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to reduce menstrual pains. Recent studies have shown that this is because cinnamon stimulates the production of progesterone in our bodies.

To understand how this works, we must first look at the substances found in cinnamon and what they do. One of the biggest reasons that this spice is so healthy is because of the active component Cinnamaldahyde, which is naturally found in cinnamon. Cinnamaldahyde is the reason why cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects on the body. This active component ensures the extra production of progesterone throughout the female body. More progesterone, as explained above, alleviates the negative effects of a heavy menstruation!

All-round remedy

Cinnamon will not only help reduce menstrual issues, but it is also shown that this spice helps in a string of illnesses. One of the usages of cinnamon is against chronical cold hands and feet. This spice causes the body to warm ever so slightly because of the relative spiciness of the product. Read more about the heating effect of cinnamon in this blog:


Take cinnamon against menstrual issues

Have you tried everything and are you looking for a new, more natural remedy to alleviate cramps? Then order your cinnamon capsules online now!

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