Did you know that cinnamon also helps against bad breath?

Did you know that cinnamon also helps against bad breath?

Did you know that cinnamon also helps against bad breath?

Bad breath is often cumbersome and can be very hard to permanently get rid of. Shops offer chewing gums, mouth waters and a variety of healthy sweets that will only help you on the short term. But if you suffer from bad breath, also known as halitosis, you most likely want to find a solution to get rid of it permanently.

Halitosis can have different causes, and we strongly advise to see a doctor if you are suffering from this ailment for a prolonged period of time. But, it could also be caused by bad dietary habits. The best solution would probably be to improve or completely change your mouth hygiene routine.


What causes halitosis?

Bad breath is often a symptom of tongue-coating. This is when a white, yellow or brown coating forms on the tongue. This layer consists mostly of rests of food, dead cells and bacteria. If not treated properly, these bacteria will start emitting a gas which will cause the bad smell coming from the mouth.

Not only can the tongue be a lead to bad breath. The plaque layer on teeth can cause the same effects. If the teeth are not cleaned daily, the plaque will induce inflammations on the gums which can also smell badly. Make sure to change your mouth care routine to prevent this from happening.

Other factors that cause halitosis are:

·         Medication that might influence the making of saliva

·         Tonsil stones

·         Broken wisdom teeth. 

Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory

Research from recent years has shown that cinnamon has a anti-bacterial component. This spice could therefore be used to reduce the bacteria build-up on the tongue. Also, cinnamon might even be anti-inflammatory. It could be worth it to add this spice to your mouth hygiene routine. But, keep in mind to buy the correct kind of cinnamon. There are some types of cinnamon that contain a higher level of coumarin. Find out which types suit you the best in our blog!

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How can you use cinnamon against bad breath

Taking a spoonful of cinnamon is not the most pleasant thing there is, as you might have seen in the countless YouTube videos of teenagers doing ‘the cinnamon challenge’. To add cinnamon to your daily routine, you can easily make a sort of tea out of it. For instance, it might be nice to combine it with fresh ginger. Not only is ginger tea very tasty, but ginger also has its positive effects on the body. Ginger would help against high blood pressure, according to researchers.

How do I make this tea?

·         Turn on the kettle

·         Fill a mug with hot water

·         Add 2 to 3 slices of fresh ginger

·         Then add a tablespoon of cinnamon

·         Let this concoction settle so both ingredients can infuse

·         Drink this daily as a substitute for normal tea or coffee

Aside from ginger, cinnamon is also delicious in combination with honey. Honey has, just like ginger, its positive effects on your health. Find out more on honey and cinnamon in our previous blog:

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