Cinnamon and weight loss
13 Jun

Cinnamon and weight loss

We all know how difficult it can be to lose weight: going to the gym 4x a week and eating endless amounts of salad just wasn’t meant for everybody. To maintain motivation in your weight loss journey you could try taking cinnamon as a supplement. In this blog we’ll explain what cinnamon does to our bodies and how it can stimulate weight loss!

What does cinnamon do to our bodies

Cinnamon contains a wide variety of special characteristics that can help stimulate weight loss. It is good to know that certain substances in cinnamon are very effective against different illnesses or ailments. There is a good reason why this spice has been used as a natural remedy for centuries! Now there are even a large number of studies that are researching the exact effect of cinnamon and even if cinnamon can help protect people during chemotherapy. Cinnamon has the following characteristics:

·         Antibacterial

·         Full of antioxidants

·         Against cardiovascular disorders

·         Anti-inflammatory

·         Against fungal infections

Lose weight with cinnamon as supplement

But how can cinnamon help in your weight loss journey? Let us explain. After having a meal your blood sugar level rises, because carbohydrates are converted into glucose. Your pancreas then starts producing insulin to ensure a balanced blood sugar level. The body will supply just enough insulin to keep those levels between certain parameters. But, when you over eat your body is taking in more glucose than needed. Your body will automatically start processing it to make sure the blood sugar stays leveled, only all extra glucose will be converted into fat…

Cinnamon can help fight against this access transformation. Research has shown that cinnamon regulates blood sugar and prevents insulin resistance. Cinnamon will help slow down the rising blood sugar levels. Slowing down this process reduces the amount of insulin produced in the body and therefore cannot convert glucose into fat.

Combine cinnamon with a healthy lifestyle

You must keep in mind that cinnamon is not a miracle cure and will not work if you do not put effort into the weight loss journey. Cinnamon is, foremost, a supplement which goes great with a healthier lifestyle. When eating healthier and adding more exercise into your daily routine, and adding a daily dose of cinnamon, you will see the results quick enough.

Add cinnamon to your daily meals

Ingesting a small amount of cinnamon a day does not have to be very difficult. There are endless recipes available online in which cinnamon is added to a dish or you could simply make a lovely cup of cinnamon tea with honey. This golden combination will revitalize your body even more. But, an even simpler solution is taking cinnamon capsules daily. This way you will not have to spend hours in the kitchen, looking for inspiration!


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